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We are so privileged today as Nano Club with an amazing Trading Platform as Tradano.
For the last 2 weeks, and ongoing, the’re more than 1500 buy orders, waiting for members who want to sell some NNC coins…
Like announced before the coin will NOT stop raising, it is literally “on the move”…

Don’t forget that we’re one of the only platforms in the world that has continuous more demands in BUY than in SELL…This is heaven !!!
More than 4 million € is put in BUY orders, just waiting…

Dear members, Nano starts on the last 10 million NNC… Enjoy the ride to extreme heights !!

Members are getting more and more convinced to NOT sell that fast anymore, and more and more people, even external ones are shooting to buy NNC.

Therefor, the value of the coin will raise again today to 2,08 € (also in the packages) and with a Maximum trade value in Tradano of 2,28 €.
I hope to see you all on our Roadshow.

Georges Van Wijk

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