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We have been asked by our colleagues in monteline to remind you about the current minimum/maximum top up and withdrawal to Bank as stated in Terms.
All Withdrawal Request to Bank and TOP UP to Cards has a minimum value of 1000€ + Fee
(Total amount including Fee, needs to be on the account. Amount will be frozen until processed)

To activate your Card:
  • the Activation instruction (contained in the letter)
  • one email from Crunch containing an activation Code
  • one email from Crunch containing a login username
  • (if for any reason, you have not received the two emails from Crunch after your Card Order is set to Processed, please contact Nano support)

    NOTE: YOUR Withdrawal Request to TOP UP TO CARDS cannot be processed if Your Card has not been activated. Your Request will stay pending – For security; Your CARD is not active during shipping
    NOTE: YOUR Withdrawal Request to Bank follows the Activation of the Cards and can therefore NOT be processed if your Card has not been activated.
    NOTE: If you have made a Withdrawal Request PRIOR to the Activation of your Card… CANCEL and make a new Request after your Card is activated

    A Weekly Maximum

    Withdrawal Request to Bank + TOP UP is 6.000€ Per week.

    Maximum of ONE Withdrawal is 4.000€, Weekly (1 x 4.000€ + 1 x 2.000€) – (2 x 3.000€) …
    Maximum on CARD: 12.000€

    *Crunch Card Shipping:
    When you apply for a Crunch Card, and your Card Order goes “into Progress” Your Profile, Card Order Contract and KYC is being validated.
    KYC is set by Master Card Standard.
    If you have done your KYC correctly, your will within a few days see the Status go to “Processed” You have been approved and will receive two emails from Crunch.
    Within 48 hours your Card will be shipped.
    Estimated Shipping time will vary depending on where you live.

    Again… please use Nano support.
    If Nano members keep contacting Crunch and monteline support for issues concerning Nano business, Commission payouts, Payout Schedules, NNC, shipping of Card and other issues including threats and Capital letters… it can without any further warning cause an immediate investigation and suspension.

    I hope to see you all on our Roadshow.

    Georges Van Wijk

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